Registration Fee (Non-Refundable / Non-Transferable) - Payable Only Once
KindergartenRM 250.00 per admission
PrimaryRM 500.00 per admission
SecondaryRM 500.00 per admission
InternationalRM 500.00 per admission

The Registration Fee is only refundable when the School is unable to offer a place to a child on or before 31 January of each year or a child is not admitted on account of him failing the assessment test.

Parents whose children are admitted to Lodge Group of Schools shall automatically become members of the Lodge School Association and have to pay a membership fee (Refundable) as per scheduled below.

Lodge School Association Membership Fee (Refundable)
First ChildRM 4,500.00RM 6,500.00RM 8,500.00
Second ChildRM 3,000.00RM 3,000.00RM 3,000.00
Third ChildRM 2,000.00RM 2,000.00RM 2,000.00
Fourth ChildNilNilNil
*Effective 2011, initial deposit for Kindergarten A shall be at RM1,000.00 for 1st, 2nd or 3rd child. Those in Kindy B & C shall be as above
Commitment Fee (Refundable subject to completion of whole program
Year 12 - 13RM4,000.00
Assessment Fee (Non-Refundable)
A fee of RM100.00 to be paid by students who have to sit for written assessment tests before admission into the School.
Miscellaneous Fees (Non-Refundable)
Per Term x 4Per Year
All SchoolsRM310.00RM1,240.00
Extra-Curriculum Fees (ECA) and Usage of LIbrary/Laboratory fees (Non-Refundable)
PrimarySecondaryYear 12Year 13
ECA (per year)RM40.00RM80.00RM80.00RM40.00
Library/Laboratory (per year)RM60.00RM120.00RM160.00RM80.00
School Fees (Non-Refundable)- Malaysian Student
Per Term x 4Per Year
Kindy A - BRM 888.00RM 3,552.00
Kindy CRM 905.00RM 3,620.00
After School CareRM 828.00RM 3,312.00
Primary School
Tahun 1 - 3RM 1,275.00RM 5,100.00
Tahun 4 - 6RM 1,275.00RM 5,100.00
Secondary School
Tingkatan 1 - 2RM 1,495.00RM 5,980.00
Tingkatan 3RM 1,635.00RM 6,540.00
Tingkatan 4RM 1,915.00RM 7,660.00
Tingkatan 5RM 2,050.00RM 8,200.00
International School
Year 2 - 6RM 1,535.00RM 6,140.00
Year 7 - 8RM 1,915.00RM 7,660.00
Year 9RM 2,290.00RM 9,160.00
Year 10-11**RM 3,500.00RM 14,000.00
Year 12-13***RM 3,500.00RM 16,000.00
School Fees (Non-Refundable)- Non-Malaysian Students
Per Term x 4Per Year
Kindy A - BRM 1,065.00RM 4,260.00
Kindy CRM 1,085.00RM 4,340.00
After School CareRM 990.00RM 3,960.00
Primary School
Tahun 1 - 3RM 1,525.00RM 6,100.00
Tahun 4 - 6RM 1,525.00RM 6,100.00
Secondary School
Tingkatan 1 - 2RM 1,790.00RM 7,160.00
Tingkatan 3RM 1,955.00RM 7,820.00
Tingkatan 4RM 2,295.00RM 9,180
Tingkatan 5RM 2,455.00RM 9,820
International School
Year 2 - 6RM 1,835.00RM 7,340.00
Year 7 - 8RM 2,295.00RM 9,180.00
Year 9RM 2,740.00RM 10,960.00
Year 10-11**RM 4,125.00RM 16,500.00
Year 12-13***RM 5,000.00RM 20,000.00

** Year 10-11 (O Level) is a 2 years (x 8 Terms) Program
*** Year 12-13 (A Level) is a 1 1/2 years (x 6 Terms) program


  1. 1. A five percent (5%) penalty will be imposed on all late payment.
  2. 2. A three percent (3%) discount will be given if the whole year school and miscellaneous fees are paid on or before 31 January of each year.
  3. 3. Cheques are to be crossed and made payable to PERSATUAN SEKOLAH LODGE.
  4. 4. A student who has not paid his/her fees plus late payment interest, 2 weeks after the payment due date will not allowed to attend classes until the said amount is fully settled.
  5. 5. Students who have been offered confirmed places at Kindergarten A, Primary 1, Form 1 and Form 4 must pay one(1) term school fee. TWO(2) terms school and miscellaneous fess apply to students offered confirmed places in "0" Level and "A" Level programmes. The fees paid will be forefeited should a child withdraw.
  6. 6. Parents wishing to withdraw a student from School must give one (1) month's notice in writing of the intended withdrawal, otherwise an additional full term's fee will be charged.
  7. 7. Subject to paragraph 6 above, a student who leaves School before mid-term shall be eligible for the refund of half a term's fee. A student who leaves after mid-term shall not be eligible for refund of any portion of the school fee for that term.
  8. 8. Students taking "O" Level and "A" Level programme are not entitled for refund of fees nor the commitment fees for non-completion of the 2 years (8 terms) or the 1 1/2 years (6 terms) programme.
  9. 9. Malaysian students are students holding Malaysian Birth Certificate and Identity Card.
  10. 10. The School Committee reserves the right to change and amend the fees payable as and when necessary.